Clive Gravett and the Budding Foundation. November 30th

1 Dec

Last night’s meeting saw a return to unseasonably mild weather and a good attendance of more than 30 members in the audience. Clive Gravett was excited to tell us about his partnership with Tate’s Garden Centre which lead to him curating the South Downs Heritage Centre and the Museum of Gardening in Hassocks. Clive is passionate about his charity “The Budding Foundation” which raises money for children from deprived backgrounds. At this time of year he is delivering parcels to families in need and visiting schools with a mobile Santa. His 35 years in a career in finance has been overtaken by charitable works.

The main subject of his talk was the history of the development of the lawn mower from its invention in 1830 by Edwin Beard Budding. to modern times. His talk was accompanied by artefacts, overhead projections, videos and a splash of humour. I checked with the audience at the tea break and found a Marmite response; too much technical detail at times for some members but nevertheless there was a queue to purchase his book “Two men went to mow” one sale at half price.

Next meeting is  our Christmas Party!!


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